Instant access online
When starting a new role requiring additional skills, our e-Learning units provide instant access to expert trainers. Each unit should take about 25 minutes to complete and is structured into 3 sections. The first section is a video in which the trainer explains the topics and presents examples. The second section is a series of interactive exercises. At the end, there are test questions to confirm that you have achieved your learning objectives.

Personalised development paths
Quint Safety offers a range of personal qualifications consisting of specific e-Learning units, classroom seminars and online testing. Participants can tailor their development path by selecting the training options that best suit their learning objectives.

Sneak Preview

From November 2019 we have two e-Learning units available for public beta-testing:

  • QS-FuSa-BL114-e01: Product Safety for Automotive Electronics
  • QS-FuSa-BL114-e03: How safe is safe enough?

Each e-Learning unit should take about 25 minutes to complete.

For attendees of the Safetronic conference we created a shortened sampler, based on the unit “How safe is safe enough?”

  • QS-FuSa-BL001-e01:  e-Learning Demonstration

Our sneak preview is available at:  quint-safety.academy
Please enter the registration code: qsbeta2019
Once you provide your contact details, our server will send you an e-mail with a link to your new training account.  If you already have an account on our Academy Portal, then you just need to enter your Login username and password.  Our public beta-testing units can be booked completely free of charge.

For more information, please also see our Sneak Preview trailer.


Classroom Seminars

Interactive Groups
Our participants learn best by practicing the relevant skills in small-group exercises, guided by our Quint Safety trainers, who are hand-picked, based on their proven industry experience. They understand the challenges of developing safe products within the constraints of modern industry supply-chains and they explain how to implement processes for functional safety more efficiently.

Intensive Training
For Engineers seeking a deep-dive into functional safety, Quint Safety provides 5-day total-immersion trainings. Our trainers guide participants through the challenges of achieving sufficient safety in complex and innovative projects, such as the design of autopilot functions for autonomous vehicles.

Seminar Catalogue

Click here for our 2019 seminar catalogue:

Blended Learning Catalogue

Our new training catalogue, including a full range of e-Learning options will be published on 1st February 2020.